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About Us

Ko Motatau te Maunga
Ko Hikurangi te Awa
Ko Tau Henare te Marae
Ko Te Orewai te Hapu
Ko Ngāti Hine te Iwi 

Korowai + Co, originally known as Kids Korowai, is a family owned and operated business founded on Waitangi Day early 6 February 2019. We are proud to have 3 generations of the Niha family involved with all aspects of the daily operations of the business. 

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Korowai + Co is an online gift store that specialises in Contemporary Māori feathered cloaks most commonly referred to as Korowai.

However, The correct term for this contemporary style of cloak is Kahu Huruhuru. Head to our FAQ's page (search 'Korowaitanga') for more in depth information around the unique Korowai styles.

Our Values:


We welcome all cultures, genders, and ethnicities into our whānau. And we help you connect to your whānau too, whether that’s your family, church, sports club, or whoever means most to you.



Māori or Pākehā, we help you experience the beauty and power of Te Ao Māori through tikanga Māori.



Our wairua guides us, even when we don’t want to listen. It offers us mindfulness, peace, and direction, and we connect with it through meditation and karakia.



We show everyone aroha and hospitality, no matter who they are or how they feel towards us. We put that care into everything we do: from communicating on social media, through to packaging your Taonga (gifts/treasures). 



Everyone is connected under our Korowai. You’re protected, served, and empowered by our values, and you’re in a safe space to learn.